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Open daily between 10am to 10pm. Call us on +66 (0) 993 892 947




Natural Health & Spa is pleased to invite you to enjoy the 1st luxury spa in Hua Hin, decorated in Lanna style.


Come, relax and experience our excellent services and enjoy our great versatility of natural herbal treatments.


Natural Health & Spa has many years of experience in the spa business and we are very proud we can offer you the best from nature by our professional team.


We believe in the therapeutic power of flowers, herbs, plants and minerals that can be drawn as the essence of life for the total wellbeing of body, mind and soul through global leading spas.


The natural way, the way of lasting beauty, is our guiding philosophy leading us to promote Natural products for spa treatment.


We are specialised in creating a high quality therapeutic spa products in balance with a Western holistic approach.


Welcome to Natural Health & Spa

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