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Wellness is becoming more and more popular in our modern world.

Health and spa influence our success in both our private and professional life,therefore they have become very important to us.


For this reason Natural Health & Spa Academy International School has set up special Spa Training courses found to be successful in Thailand and overseas.

Our professional training will help you to become a professional, both in theory and practice.


We combine traditional knowledge of teaching experience and modern technology along with our professional staff to provide an outstanding learning experience.


Standard and intensive courses are available to serve individual needs and delivery of highly effective training programs.


In this day and age to have a profession that is welcome all

over the world is not only  benefical to you, it as also a benefit to your clients.

Courses consist of :

Schooling (lessons)

Hands on training (practical)

Hotels (practical)




Health & spa massages are situated  all over the world giving you the chance to not only work in an area of your choice in Thailand, but the chance to discover the other countries of this world,  giving you greater experience and knowledge of spa treatments. This sort of experience will be the foundations for setting up your own business in the future where you to can then pass on these ancient traditions on to the next generation

of people. Your insight to therapy is limited only by yourself, Study, practice and understanding the physical human body to achieve the knowledge you need to push yourself to greater heights of awareness.

Professional footballers, golfers, tennis players etc.  All use

therapists to ease the ever increasing stresses of their sporting

occupations, leading therapists not only earn excellent money

their clients rely totally on therapists to an extent they require their services on a daily basis, their talented achievements are gained solely on  therapists, keeping them at the peak of  performance for their chosen sport.


For more information on the Academy please call or email us Tel :  +66 (0) 993 892 947

Email Address: [email protected]