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Spa Knowledge


Thailand: a country with its own unique identity language and culture with embodies a distinctive wisdom passed down for generations aimed at benefitting all of our fellow human beings.

Health:  looking after one's bodily and mental health in an integrated manner which includes massage, a relaxing atmosphere and an aesthetic setting.


All of these combined are aimed at we call a NEW START:

N:   Nutrition - eating health

E:    Exercise - exercising regularly

W:  Water - drinking clean water as using water- related therapies

S:   Sunshine - getting regular exercise outdoors in the sunshine helps

       provide vitamins to strengthen the immune system, build red blood

       cells and strengthen the skin

T:   Temperance - regular exercise and a moderate lifestyle .

A:   Air - exposure to fresh air

R:   Rest - sufficient rest to bring balance to the body

T:   Trust - believing in a spiritual reality greater then oneself that

       can provide one with assurance in life




Spa: maintaining wellness through a variety of means often involving water while using a full spectrum of therapies using local herbs and flowers which when blended together provide great health benefits long

know in Thailand.

Herbal massage Hua Hin


We promise you a rejuvenating experience

by expertly trained staff.”